Our mission at Lexihealth is to offer our Members innovative and reassuring navigation through all areas of health treatment – from preventative well-being to end of life care – whilst providing priority advice and access via our extensive network of world leading clinical specialists.

From the heart of London’s medical district, Lexihealth presents our Members with the optimum service in line with their individual needs. Our aim is to completely remove the stress and worry from the many logistical and administrative tasks that often face our Members and their families, whilst providing access to leading healthcare professionals through our partnerships.

Offering discretion, support and compassion whilst ensuring we achieve the very best outcome for our Members is always our primary objective .

We firmly believe in a high touch methodology where we fully understand your individual health and wellness needs. Our services are bespoke to you and are designed to work entirely around your unique requirements.

As a truly independent service, Lexihealth is ideally positioned to seek out the highest quality health and wellness services. For Self-Pay Members, this includes optimised and transparent pricing, and fast-tracked access to practitioners without the constraints of insurance companies or preferential status agreements.

In the cases of Members with Private Medical Insurance, Lexihealth’s services can be beneficial to bypass lengthy waiting lists, and receive choice and flexibility of appointment locations, times, and practitioners.

We offer various levels of membership subscription on an individual, couple, or family basis.

Our Members’ Reviews

We asked Lexihealth for help with our son’s chronic fatigue syndrome, and were directed to a recommended Doctor at Gt Ormond St Hospital. We were seen for 1½ hours and provided with a mixture of diagnosis, sympathy and encouragement which was hugely helpful at a moment when we were in dire need of all three. Without your help, I doubt whether we would have found much assistance, let alone of the quality we received.

During a time of great stress Lexihealth took control and ensured that we would see a world leading specialist in a matter of days. Taking control of the situation and very much putting us at ease. The team’s efficiency, knowledge, compassion and ongoing support was invaluable during this difficult time. This is an unrivalled service. I could not recommend them enough, Lexihealth is the future of healthcare.