• About Lexihealth

    Our bespoke service hand holds you through the system of appointments, investigations and treatments.

About Lexihealth

Our bespoke service hand holds you through the system of appointments, investigations and treatments.

Healthcare can be complicated to navigate at the best of times particularly when we least expect. Experiencing the frustration first hand through my patients, friends and family when seeking access for the best GP, specialist or hospital, highlights to those of us within the medical profession, all that we take for granted.

The time poor and often unfamiliar require reassurance and guidance – that’s what we at Lexihealth do best. Our bespoke service hand holds you through the system of appointments, investigations and treatments.

Our attention upon the preventative approach to health and wellness ensures we are able to focus upon you, your family and your loved ones.

London, in particular, offers the world’s most prestigious of health and wellness facilities under the assurance of highly regarded governance in creating world class quality assured care.

Lexihealth ensures this personalised service brings you to the world’s leading specialists and facilities with ease and efficiency whether insured or self-pay. Our award-winning service brings bespoke concierge together with quality healthcare.

Romana Kuchai – Chief Medical Officer

Our Management Team

Romana Kuchai

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Romana has been a Consultant Surgeon at Imperial College since 2011 and also at several private practices in London, with special interest in complex nose and throat problems, and pediatric allergies. She is ENT Medical Advisory Committee lead for The Lister Hospital. In addition, she practices at both St. Mary’s Hospital and Charing Cross, and continues to consult on adult and pediatric general ear, nose, and throat conditions.

Pamela Harper

Pamela Harper


Pamela Harper has over 35 year’s experience of marketing global luxury brands around the world. Pamela has had a long corporate career spanning brands such as Coats Patons, Jaeger, The Richemont Group, Hermès and as VP of Burberry. She’s an avid supporter of British luxury goods and is a key player in the industry. Pamela has also been selected to be the President of the Royal Warrant Holders’ Association for the year 2021 – 2022. She will become Vice President in March of this year. Pamela has also recently been awarded the prestigious Financial Times 50 Leading Lights, Women of the Future award.


Aaron Simpson

Founder and Director

A businessman, entrepreneur, and former film producer, Aaron Simpson co-founded Quintessentially in 2000. Aaron now presides as Executive Chairman of the Quintessentially group, which has grown to a multi-industry lifestyle business with offices spanning the globe.​​​​​ Aaron brings an unparalleled understanding of personal and exclusive concierge service to Lexihealth.

Our Advisory Team

Lexihealth is honoured to count some of London’s most eminent clinicians on its Medical Advisory Committee. In addition, Lexihealth’s Board of Directors and Business Advisory Board offer the Managment Team a wealth of business knowledge and experience from within both the medical and concierge industries.

Brian Chadwick

Brian Chadwick

Legal Counsel

Dr Brian O’Connor

Dr Brian O’Connor


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